The Artists

Artists from around the world were considered for our initial offerings. After much effort and deliberation, we are proud to present our Premier, Himitsu, and Headliner Artists. Their work will be featured at, in Private and Presale offerings, and in Collection One.

The Art

Each peice of art is prepared using cutting-edge post-production techniques, propagated with state-of-the-art cryptographic methods, and are presented as a Collection of ERC721 Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum mainnet.

Collection One: 
Knights of the Veil

The first product to be made available to the public via the website is Collection One (C1): Knights of the Veil. 

Fifty trading cards in the anime style of attractive, powerful female characters in five levels of scarcity. 15 Common, 12 Uncommon, 10 Rare, 8 Exotic, and 5 Legendary. A few secret Himitsu cards will be made available during exclusive offerings.

5 levels of scarcity

Premier Artist


Our Premier Artist is Argentinian-born Inhoso. 

His crisp, clean style and vibrant characters are a fantastic beginning to the TenshiGirl brand. 

We count ourselves lucky to have his participation. Inhoso has experience with games, illustration books, and has worked with ADHD Kids Rock.  

Art by Inhoso

Himitsu Artists

Our Himitsu Artists are high profile artists selected from the anime community for their excellence and experience in this broad yet distinctive style of artwork. They have been selected to conceive of our first Presale and Private Sale Exclusive Non-fungible Tokens (NTFs). 

Paul Kwon

Paul Kwan, formerly of Blizzard and Riot Games, is well-know for his work as Senior Concept artist with League of Legends. 

His singular style and bold work has him fast approaching 1 million followers.

He is commissioned to create our first Exclusive NFT, the Himitsu Dark, which will only be offered during the Private Sale. 

Asia Ladowska

Asia Ladowska is an independent artist, illustrator, and author of Sketch with Asia: Manga Inspired Art and Tutorials. Her illustrations have been published in Udon Comics, Vampirella #1, have been featured cover art on ImagineFX magazine, and more.

Her well-managed social media platforms compliments the beauty and impact of her artwork, garnering her well over 1.7 million followers.

Asia has been contracted to create the Light Himitsu, to be offered at the Public Presale. It will be an Exclusive bonus to participants at the highest Presale tier. 

Headline Artists

Our Headline artists are Afia Waleed, Chark Art, Irvin Ryan Tiu, Mark Kong, Nathan Stefv, and Tiger June. Each are skilled in their craft and have garnered a healthy following in their spaces. 

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