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Tenshi Coin

Tenshi Coin is a digital currency used to purchase NFTs at TenshiGirl.io. They are encoded on the Ethereum mainnet using the ERC20 standard. 

When we Go Live, owners may exchange one Tenshi Coin for a 6-pack of Collection One NFTs. The Tenshi Coin is then burned, permanently removing it from circulation.

A Tenshi Coin holder can also exchange Tenshi Coin on any cryptocurrency exchange or marketplace that supports the ERC20 standard.

Tenshi Coin and Tenshi NFTs
All Tenshi Coin swapped for Tenshi NFT 6-Packs are burned upon receipt, permanently removing them from circulation.

Collection One 6 pack

C1 Knights of the Veil are a set of 50 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Tokens are divided by Scarcity. There are 15 Common, 12 Uncommon, 10 Rare, 8 Exotic,  and 5 Legendary cards. 


70% of Collection One will be sorted into 6-packs. Each 6-pack has at least 1 Rare card or better. 

30% of Collection One will be sorted by scarcity and made available for Random Draws.


Ownership of a TenshiGirl NFT represents ownership of that digital asset. Each NFT includes metadata that describes the production run, level of scarcity, and print number. Each is encoded on the Ethereum mainnet using the ERC721 standard.In the same way a traditional collector can exchange a comic book or trading card, an NFT owner can list that Token for sale or auction in any NFT cryptocurrency exchange or marketplace that supports the ERC721 standard.

Collection One 6-Packs

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When Collection One is made available to the public, an ERC20 Tenshi Coin may be swapped for a 6-pack of ERC721 Collection One NFTs. 

Random Draw

Ethereum may be exchanged for a Random Draw at a desired level of NFT scarcity. Price will reflect the value of Tenshi Coin at a Uniswap Liquidity Pool.

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