Early Bird Sale

Collection One: Knights of the Veil

1. Reserved Stock

Get the first boxes off the production line for a crazy-low price of .09 Eth or 0.7 BNB per box.

Each Box contains 24 Packs.

 Each Pack has 6 NFTs and at least 1 Rare drop or better.

2. Exclusive NFT

Get an Exclusive Paul Kwan NFT with purchase of 10 boxes. 
No more than 40 will ever be made.

Purchase the max of 10 Boxes to receive an Exclusive NFT from our Himitsu Artist Paul Kwan of Blizzard, Riot Games, and League of Legends.

3. Raffle

Get entered to win a One-of-a-Kind NFT.*

All purchasers will be entered into a raffle for a single Gold Legendary of Ayuma, a Fire Divine and Fallen Elementalist by our Premier Artist Inhoso.

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