Eth Payment Option

Pay with Ethereum

Please send transactions to the wallet address below. 

1. Decide upon the number of boxes. 
    - No more than 10 boxes per wallet address.
    - Order 10 boxes to be automatically signed up for the Exclusive NFT from Paul Kwan.
    - All Orders will be automatically entered into the Gold Legendary NFT Raffle.
2. Copy the TrustWallet address below and send the correct amount of ETH.
3. NFTs will be delivered during the Go-Live Event. 

Choose 1-10 Boxes. 

Boxes ETH
1 0.09
2 0.17
4 0.34
6 0.51
8 0.68
10* 0.85

* Exclusive NFTs are available to anyone purchasing 10 Boxes.


TrustWallet link

Wallet address (Must support ERC20 and ERC721)


Pay with BNB or Smart Chain BNB

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